What is operating rental?

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An alternative formula to purchasing and rental, which allows entrepreneurs and companies to have the necessary goods and services available by paying a periodic fee (for a pre-established length of time).

An innovative, practical commercial solution that allows you to solve problems related to purchasing and final ownership, limiting financial expenditures and allowing useful equipment to be conveniently renewed.

Operating rental guarantees the security of financial planning and knowing what you are spending at no additional cost. Euroconsult offers transversal operating rental, for all types of capital goods or services, with integrated solutions and total support for lessors.

Flexible terms from 24 to 60 months

Cost planning with set monthly fees

No risk of obsolescence

Routine maintenance included

Accessory services included

Supplier responsible for disposal

Deductibility of fees pursuant to VAT, regional taxes on productive activities, corporate tax.

No depreciation

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